Monday, July 19, 2010

The Kitchen {reveal::part one}

After much (and I do mean much) deliberation, I finally picked some paint colors. In case you're new around here, I'm having a little summer fun with a mini-redo of my boyfriend Will's kitchen.  Since I rent my house there is little that can be done around my own place, so I had to journey to his house to get my creative juices flowing. Trying to turn his bachelor pad into something a bit more up-to-date and less macho (think ducks, pleather, and sports memorabilia) has been a super fun summer project.   This project is giving a whole new meaning to the word patience--he has been a trooper.  Anywho, back to the reveal.

It was a tough choice, and I probably could have tried many more samples, but I had to draw the line somewhere.   I decided to go with Sherwin William's Dover White on the upper cabinets and Benjamin Moore's Raccoon Hollow on the bottoms.  It ended up being just what I had in mind.  

raccoon hollow

     dover white

Since a picture's worth a thousand words...




ADDED BONUS (the fireplace):

And don't worry folks, lest he be left out of the project completely, Will came by for lunch and a quick review of the progress...


Next up--hardware...(I'll keep you posted.)        

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  1. It's great Jen! I need to come back now that all the doors are on.