Tuesday, September 14, 2010

As Seen In...

Sloane's Birthday Party Loot

pint-sized plates perfect for the birthday girl

I want some of these for myself...
Visit her sweet momma Erika's blog to see them in action!

{In other news}
  • I am loving every minute with my sweet 3rd graders!  They are so funny!  I wish it wasn't illegal to post their picture on here.  You would just want to eat them up!
  • Wedding planning is at a bit of a standstill at the moment.  Still waiting on that much-anticipated football schedule to be released.  Don't you know that we have our priorities straight--wouldn't want to double book on a game day.  It's so fun to dream and plan in the meantime though.
  • While Will has knocked out asking his groomsmen to be a part of our special day, the big questions still remain  to be asked for me.  I'm majorly lacking in the creativity department these days. 
  • But I did get a few special ones to join in the excitement!
Cupcakes for the job at hand

Approval all around

Don't worry--even the boys said yes.

{That's all my brain can dump out right now.  Stay tuned for more.}

T-Rex Tuesday!

I wish you could see and know the sweet little girl behind this placemat.  Pigtails and smocking don't usually fit with dinos.  However, when her momma asked her if she's rather have the pretty little pink flower or a dinosaur on her placemat, of course she went with the dinosaur.  And I don't think she could be happier!

And it's even cuter with her monogrammed plate on top!

personalized placemat