Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ho, Ho, Ho-liday Cards Are Here!

And aren't they so cute!

They make me want to put on some Christmas tunes, dust off my favorite Christmas wreath, and deck the halls.

Order by November 15th for free shipping!

Step 1:  Choose your card size.

Step 2:  Choose your card layout 
(Remember:  You can always change the colors and patterns of any design!) 


Step 3:  Choose your pattern.
(Warning:  This may take a while--they are all so cute...)

Step 4:  Choose your fonts and font colors.

Step 5:  Dream up a catchy little jingle for your card's message.

Step 6:  Choose your favorite photo.

Step 7:  Receive a free proof and enjoy seeing your family in print!

Step 8:  Mail your cards and have a happy Christmas season!

Stay tuned for our latest Christmas gift tags, personalized stickers, and mailing labels.  Perfect for all your Christmas and gift-giving needs!

Pricing (all sizes):
25 - $95
50 - $155
75 - $205
100 - $235
125 - $275
150 - $315
175 - $360
200 - $415