Saturday, July 3, 2010


Watch out for Kristin Hartness!
Next time you see her, she'll be sporting a sassy new planner!
Congratulations Kristin!

I can't wait to see which pattern and color she chooses (don't worry--I'll share it with you too!)

If you're bummed that you didn't win, dry up your tears right this minute.  You can have one too--let me know if you'd like to order one of your very own.  They also make GREAT gifts! 

                                                        True Random Number Generator

                                                                          Min:  1
                                                                        Max:  25
                                                                       Result: 21
                                                                 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

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  1. Loved my visit to your blog...
    Hope you will stop by. "I have a giveaway on mine" at A Baby Changes Everything and by the end of the day will have one on my main blog.

    Have a safe and happy Fourth. Celebrate America