Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Look Who We Ran Into!

Ok the sister and I have been following (some might even consider it slight stalking) this design superstar for quite some time now.  In case you haven't met, here's Erika.  Let me tell you, you should know her.

via http://www.bludomain12.com

She's famous--Southern Living famous.  And Coastal Living famous.  And many more famous I'm sure.

I think I'll just move on in.

house photos via Southern Living 

After much talk of our so-called "friendship" (mostly on the part of sister's husband and my bf Will), we ran into her at dinner at the beach on Friday.  And we're friends now.  No more mentions of "Who's Erika?" are allowed.  The boys were floored, and the girls were over the moon!  

so excited!

He was thrilled!

newfound BFFs

Thanks to Erika for being such a great sport!  We are already planning for next summer!


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  2. so stinkin' cool!

  3. I LOVE YALL! So funny!! I'm just glad you cropped my cut-off jean shorts out of the pictures! :) I can't wait for dinner next summer!!! I was honored and flattered to hang out with yall! Thank goodness for a long wait at dinner, new friendships were formed!