Friday, February 4, 2011

A Few Snow Days

It's snow day #4 here in Arkansas.
Yes, you read that right #4.  In a row.  Now, I am a teacher who absolutely, positively ADORES snow days.  
However, and honestly, I can't believe I'm even entertaining this thought, but I am getting a bit stir crazy.  

I've painted and cleaned and watched an unhealthy amount of trashy Bravo TV and seen some great movies and eaten lots of snow day food and am finally (dare I say it?) bored.

And it's snowing AGAIN.  And supposed to snow again just a whole lot of days next week.  I'm dreaming of summer and sand between my toes.  Those days seem a loooong time away.  And they probably are since we will be in school until who knows when.

But I have decided to enjoy this last Friday off.  It's going to be a good one--I can feel it!

Lunch with this favorite friend at our favorite restaurant.

Dinner and a movie with this favorite guy.

The movie is all my pick.  I'm thinking we should see The King's Speech.

{Happy snow day!}

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