Monday, April 11, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers {and super discounts}

Now, I don't know about your neck of the woods, but around our parts the weather has been a bit up in the air. We have glorious sunshine-y days followed by nasty spring showers (the kind that are perfect for sleeping).  I'm a bit ready for sunny weather to be here to stay.

Now, back to my original thought--what better way to welcome beautiful capri-wearing weather than with a fabulous discount??  With all the gift-giving occassions coming up (Mother's Day, graduation, wedding and baby showers, end of the year teachers' gifts, etc...), we could all stand to save a dollar or two.  Now, I promise you'll enjoy this shopping much more than those crazy coupon-clippers on Extreme Couponing (if only I had the patience).

I am so excited to introduce my favorite new product--a perfect for serving, displaying, collecting, gathering, or anything else your heart desires PLATTER.  I may have already ordered one for my coffee table.  Another one night be on its way to hold mail in the kitchen...

Anyways, the new platters are available for $34 and can be customized anyway you like them.  There are actually 17,340 combinations (I thought I would put my benchmark test practicing with combinations in a set to work).  I guarantee there's one for you!

::Order between now and April 22nd and take 15% off your platter order::

Order before Wednesday to guarantee a Mother's Day delivery!

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