Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Comfy Shopping

Even though it has yet to snow here in Northwest Arkansas (every teacher's dream), Old Man Winter is here in all his glory.  This cold, dreary weather has me in the mood to do a little shopping (more like browsing these days) from the comfort of my own home.

A few of my personal favorites:

J. Crew - {even if it is a little funky for me lately} - always lovely

Lettergirl stamps on etsy - a hit Christmas gift for my sister 

camera straps by Cotton Candy by Natalie - one of my all-time favorite gifts from this girl

{currently redoing the bachelor pad for my move-in in October}
can't go wrong with Ballard

I wish I had a child just so I could dress him/her in these designs by my friend the girl I stalk.


and since my monogram's about to change...
I think I'll be needing a set or two (or three or four...who am I kidding?) of plates.

Now, on to the a few of my favorite pattern selections.
I'm torn.
{Maybe I need six sets after all...}

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