Sunday, November 28, 2010

Cyber Monday

While I've personally never heard of such a thing, Cyber Monday is already a winner in my book!
It's soon to be your favorite as well...

The fabulous girls over at LaPlates have a deal for you!
All orders placed on Monday (11.28.10) will receive a 10% discount.
Now that's a deal you can't pass up!

Make your selections and send them my way!

{Step 1:  Pick your background.}

{Step 2:  Choose your colors.}

{Step 3:  Select your font.}

{Step 4:  Wait for smiles on Christmas day!}

Happy Shopping!

Single 10" plate - $18.50
Set of 4 10" plates - $64
Set of 4 7.5" plates - $56
don't forget to subtract your 10% discount!

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