Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Story

Well, I'm a teacher by day, and a nester by night.  Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not engaged or pregnant.  However, I love to nest.  My nesting isn't always pretty or perfect.  In fact, it's often messy and results in piles that drive others nuts.  But it's me.  My purse (and brain for that matter) often often overflows with paint chips, fabric swatches, and magazine clippings.  I once had a storage shed filled with things for "one-day"--as in "I'm sure I can find a spot for this pair of chairs in my house one day" or "This bird cage will look great on my mantle one day".

I think this is deeply rooted in the fact that I've secretly always dreamed of being an interior designer or a wedding planner.  However, like I mentioned earlier, I am a teacher, and as crazy as those little third graders are, I really do love my job.

Enter nesting (yes, it's all lower case).  This little home studio allows me to continue teaching while sharing my design and gift-giving love with others.  It's a perfect fit for me!

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